Learn how preparing for hair loss can be empowering, what to look for when shopping for a wig, headwear options, when to expect your hair to grow back, and how best to care for it.


Possible skin problems and proven solutions, make up tips and tricks, healthy hygiene, nail care, and organic product ideas. 


Surgery reconstruction options, prosthetic products, comfort accessories, and treatment-friendly fashion. Plus artistic tattoos, and a personal story of a survivor who chose this option.


Practical and fashionable accessories for lymphedema, hysterectomies, ostomies and mastectomies, such as picc line covers, seat-belt cushions and comfort breast pillows. And two women share their personal stories. 



 Can you still maintain sexual intimacy? Reasons why you may lack sexual desire.  How to build your self-esteem.



Is exercise still an option while in treatment?  What to avoid at the gym.



Twenty-one cancer warriors and survivors share their personal stories with you. They offer hope, encouragement, words of wisdom to fight the fight.


Good Morning America's host Robin Roberts quotes her mother: "make your mess your message."  That's what our Soul "ebrity" Sisters do.  Here are some inspirational quotes from celebrity survivors.