Healing Pretty is a wonderful and informative resource for our patients. Thank you for this work Jackie.  Monica Staley Liang, RN, BScN, LLB, Regional Vice President Cancer Services, Windsor Regional Hospital, Windsor Ontario

Jackie, I just finished reading your book Healing Pretty and loved it, the perfect gift for someone faced with cancer. Enjoyed reading all the success stories, so inspirational. Thank You. Franca Piazza, Windsor, Ontario

Where do I go from here, what information do I need, how do I go about finding it? Healing Pretty brought peace to my troubled mind, providing information and resources such as websites, wigs options, prosthetics and products to ease my way on this journey, plus the women who have so graciously shared their stories, and so much more. Thank you Jackie for empowering all the women who will read this book.Tracy Stevenson, Windsor Ontario

This is the best gift you can get someone with cancer. I gave a pre-release copy to my girlfriend Kelly Trudell who was just diagnosed. Healing Pretty helped her every day in her struggle to understand her life now, and helped her get back her self-esteem and self-worth.  Catherine Murphy, Windsor Ontario

My best friend was just diagnosed. I heard about the book, so I reached out to Jackie who gave me a pre-release copy.  I made a list of all the resources, and put together a gift basket of the recommended skincare lotions, candies and comfort accessories. It made me feel great that I could do something meaningful for my best friend. Healing Pretty was a godsend.  Kelly Vadnais, Fenton Michigan

Healing Pretty is FABULOUS!  It will definitely be my go-to gift for women going through cancer treatment. It is so practical and well laid out! Congratulations to all involved! Karen Metcalfe, Windsor Cancer Research Group, Windsor Ontario 

Jackie, your book arrived and I gave it to my friend to take to his daughter yesterday. This is what he sent back to me: "Courtney loves the book, she said it's the best one she's seen so far." Thank you for finding your calling!  God Bless!!  Michael Harb, Little Rock, Arkansas

Healing Pretty is a heartwarming, inspiring and uplifting read. It is easy to understand with great tips to keep women feeling beautiful during their battle with cancer. The attention to sanitation and preventing infection made me confident that I can recommend this to my patients. Thank you Jackie for helping women find strength and camaraderie when they need it most.  Jennifer Nadalin, BScN, RN, CON(C), Windsor Ontario

Engaging, empowering, enlightening. Three words that not only describe Healing Pretty but also the author. Her passion and commitment to those on this journey is evident in all that she does for those diagnosed with cancer. Healing Pretty is a warm, big, loving hug! It allows the reader to feel like someone is there for them and understands what they are going through. Thank you, Jackie for loving patients through it!  Houida Kassem, Executive Director, Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation,Television Host, Houida and Friends, Windsor Ontario

Thank you for providing something that is lighthearted, complete, honest, and informative.  The inclusion of the 'Soul Sisters' was awesome because there is a nice variety of cancers that many women will relate to based on their own diagnosis. They also rounded out the book nicely since the rest was informational – everyone likes a personal story.  Daniella Czudner, Educator, Ovarian Cancer Survivor, Windsor Ontario

I met Jackie while in my role as Patient-Centred Care Lead for Cancer Care Ontario’s Erie St. Clair region, and as Chair of the Patient & Family Advisory Council. When I heard she was writing a comprehensive book to help women cope with cancer, I was thrilled as I knew there was no such book or resource, anywhere. This book is a much needed and welcomed tool to help women get through cancer treatment with comfort and dignity.  Cathy Mombourquette, President, Patient Centred Communications, Windsor Ontario

Cancer is overwhelming, you can't think straight. It's so nice to be able to pick up the book and read it and know you're not alone anymore ... there's a bunch of us out there.  Kelly Trudell, Windsor, Ontario

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